December 2016

Divorce is never an easy situation, especially when there are children involved.  Attorney Patrick Morris walked us through the mediation process with such professionalism and compassion.  HIs knowledge and expertise of divorce and litigation made my decision to use mediation such an easy one.

I highly recommend using Attorney Morris for mediation when you are faced with such a difficult time as divorce.  The process from start to finish was such a positive experience without any undue stress considering the circumstances.  I will be forever grateful for Attorney Morris being so knowledgable, professional, and compassionate through such a hard time.




 December 2, 2016

Attorney Morris was extremely helpful and informative in this life challenging decision.  He was extremely thorough in explaining in detail the legal aspects of this journey.     



December 2, 2016

Mr. Morris did a great job.  Thank you.



April 10, 2017

I am currently in the process of ending a 37 year marriage which was quite traumatic for me.  Divorce is an incredibly painful event no matter what the circumstances are surrounding it. My spouse and I chose to attempt mediation in the hope that it would be more civil, amicable, and a less expensive alternative to hiring separate divorce attorneys.  I was truly fortunate to find Attorney Patrick Morris during my research into available mediation services.  Attorney Morris understood our particular situation and went above and beyond to assure us that a fair mediation divorce agreeement would be provided to both parties involved. It definitely was.  Attorney Morris took a great deal of time explaining the mediation process, answering all of our questions, drawing up all of the necessary paper work, quickly responding to all of our telephone calls and emails, and made himself readily available to us throughout the process.  Attorney Morris reassured us and informed us of all of the laws regarding divorce in Massachusetts. Working with Attorney Morris was truly a pleasure during a very chaotic period in our lives. His professionalism, integrity, knowledge, compassion, understanding, empathy, and respect are unsurpassed.  Thank you Attorney Morris for all of our help, and your friendship during the mediation experience. If others find themselves in the unfortunate situation of a pending divorce, I would highly recommend Attorney Patrick Morristo help guide you through the uncharted waters of a divorce mediation, as he did for us. It was a decision both my spouse and I will never regret.  Thank you again Atty. Patrick Morris for all of your help.

Sincerely, L.M.F.


June 1, 2017


We highly recomment Pat to anyone who is trying to navigate their way through a separation or divorce. He handled our mediation with skill, patience and tact, enabling us to move throught the process with less anxiety and more clarity.  With his many years of experience he was able to easily address all of our questions and suggest approaches that met our particular desires and circumstances.  In addition to his professionalism, his friendliness helped to reduce tension during the discussion, creating a much better environment for us to resolve the terms of our divorce. A & C


June 10, 2017

To anyone looking into a divorce, please make an appointment with Attorney Patrick Morris.  Mediation isn't consoling, it isn't about one person gaining an advantage over the other.  It is about reaching a fair agreement that meets the standards required under the law.